ACD Camponogarese


   Pres. Pietro Martire

   Pres. Pietro Martire


It was the distant 1946, post-war Italy was slowly starting to re-emerge. In this perspective of general progress also the Sport begins to take its first steps; the teams are born more for cohesion and friendship than for a real company structure. Even in Camponogara, a group of sympathizers gather with this intent in a small room of a few square meters (a corner of the current Pizzeria "da Jack") and from here rises the U.S. Camponogarese with Rino geom. Brusegan as the first President. Since then the association has changed the name several times until today as A.C.D. Camponogarese 1948 with the current President Luigi Segato.

Even the playing field has changed locations several times; as the oldest of the country will remember, the first playground to host our team was located in the area now occupied by the "Dario Fo Theater". At the beginning of the '60s the playing field underwent a 90 ° rotation with the old dressing rooms still in existence and occupied in part by the Local Police and partly by the Civil Protection in the current Piazza Castellaro. The twinning with the City of Vinkovcy occurred in 1965/66 precisely in this sports field; period in which the actions of the football team of Camponogara were configured with those of his country.

On 26 March 1985 the municipal administration handed over to the Camponogarese the new Stadium under the Presidency of Giorgio Nardo (awarded with a gold medal for sporting merits by the Federal President Artemio Franchi). The structure located between via Nenni and via Parolini is inaugurated with an impressive ceremony that included the friendly meeting Camponogarese-Montevarchi (AR); after more than 30 years, the current sports field boasts a covered grandstand and a modern automatic irrigation system that has allowed it to give a real boost to the development of football in Camponogara and surroundings. We also want to remember a sad event; during a championship game, on 10 April 2004, in a banal game contrast the Camponogarese player Pietro Martire suffers a serious spinal injury which will cause him the permanent immobilization of the lower limbs. This event, coinciding with the disappearance of the major corporal Matteo Vanzan in Nassirya on May 17, 2004, give life to a charity initiative called "The heart of Matthew for Peter" (organized by the President of the time Franco Ferrari and then the Councilor to the sport Pasquale Chirico), which will lead to the holding of a friendly match at the Stadio Comunale with members of the Italian National TV Artists who performed in front of a very large audience that has responded positively and emotionally to the event. Many Presidents have succeeded at the head of the Company, all with the sole purpose of making the CAMPONOGARESE "live": a History born in 1946, affiliated to the C.O.N.I. - F.I.G.C. in 1948 and today never interrupted due to the continuous voluntary service of many people who have dedicated, dedicate and always dedicate part of their time in such a way as to allow young people of the city and neighboring countries (today we are about 150 members) to be able to look out and practice football in a healthy and organized environment and have the full awareness that Sport can contribute positively to the formation and growth of virtuous and educational values, never forgetting the FUN and THE GAME. After 5 years of activity the former president Luigi Segato leaves a guide to that player, who in 2004 stopped his field race but not his life. Pietro Martire now returns to play in ACD Camponogarese under another role, that of President

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